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Wedding ceremonies almost anywhere.

After ordination you can perform Wedding Ceremonies almost anywhere.  This is a low startup cost business to earn big money and a wonderful way to help support your own ministry.  Ministers frequently ask for offerings of $140.00 to $650.00, and more depending the time and effort.  Start a wedding chapel in your home and perform wedding ceremonies for friends at remote locations or fun places.

There are three basic types of wedding ceremonies:

  1. Simple Ceremony - A quick and easy ceremony to pronounce them husband and wife.
  2. Small Informal Ceremony - Only few people present, at an informal location -back yard, home, park, etc.
  3. Formal Ceremony - Usually more people in a church or hall.

As an ordained Christian minister you can perform weddings in all states.  Almost everywhere the Minister/Officiator must be at least 18 years of age.  Many states only require that you be ordained and properly file the marriage license with the county after the ceremony.  A few states require you to file a copy of your ordination at a government office prior to performing a ceremony.  A few states require an actual congregation. Nevada requires an actual congregation in that State.  New York has other additional requirements.  Since every state and county has its own changing requirements, you should check with them before performing any ceremonies. It is easy enough to check with your local marriage license office so you can comply with local requirements.  We also have a summary of state laws in our "CHC Text Book". This CHC textbook also includes a wedding ceremony, renewal of marriage ceremony baptism service, communion service and funeral service. Plus complete instructions on how to write your own customized wedding ceremony.

1. Marriage Ceremony.

This is one of our own specially well written lovely marriage ceremonies.  These beautiful 8.5-inch by 11-inch certificates issued by the church are included in the Clergy Pack you receive from us.

2. Renewal of Marriage Ceremony.

This is for two people who are already legally married and want to reaffirm their legal and spiritual commitment to each other.  The Renewal of Marriage Ceremony is a great way to reaffirm their devotion and commitment to each other. These beautiful 8.5-inch by 11-inch certificates issued by the church are included in the Clergy Pack you receive from us. The Renewal of Marriage Certificate is not a legal document. However, it does provide documentation of the ceremony and it is very attractive - suitable for framing and display for all to see.




You should receive your ordination in less than 24 hours of your request for ordination. As an added bonus you will also receive an advance copy of the ordination and everything else in a download attached to an email. You should receive the Clergy Pack by First Class Mail in 4 days or less.   While you are waiting for the First Class Mail to arrive you can read and/or print everything received in the emailed download. The Credential of Ministry/Certificate of Ordination and everything else is included in both the emailed download and the First Class Mail Clergy Packs.

To see all the items in the Clergy Pack and request your ordination just click here on: Ordination Request 


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